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We give you a personalised service, meaning you can contact your Krave Cleaning property manager at any time and discuss your cleaning requirements. We do spot checks on all properties to ensure that our standards are being met by all of our staff at each property.


Krave Cleaning has a few points of difference from other cleaning companies, here are a few of them...


We clean in teams, this means that you never have a single person skulking around your house! A team of highly trained, friendly and efficient staff will arrive at your home, each with a designated duty. Cleaning in teams cuts down the time we spend in your house and interruptions to your day are minimal. You will have a dedicated team for your property so you will feel comfortable that you know them and they know your property.

We bring all of our own equipment and chemicals. You don’t need to supply anything. We use environmentally conscious cleaning products that have a light, fresh fragrance and are safe on all surfaces.


We are flexible...we can tailor your clean to your changing needs every week. We offer a full range of extra services that can be added on to your clean whenever you like.


Just to be sure that we are not blowing smoke...have a read of some of our client testimonials. All of these were written by long term clients of Krave Kleening.